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Over 420,000 patient episodes of care in TUH last year

There were 420,640 patient episodes of care in Tallaght University Hospital last year, according to the hospital’s annual report for the year.

The report shows that there was a total of 83,508 ED attendances and the numbers attending the ED by ambulance increased from 9,000 in 2014 to over 10,719 in 2018.
There were 24,268 in patient admissions, 267.623 outpatient attendances and 45,241 day care admissions last year.

A total of 163,136 diagnostic images were taken and over 1.25 million tests were processed by the laboratory,

The hospital’s financial outturn for the year was €244.9.

Tallaght University Hospital has a catchment population of 650,000, eighty per cent of which are located in South Dublin and parts of Kildare. The population of south Dublin is projected to increase by 163% between 2016 and 2036.