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New countries want to join the EAHM

A number of new countries have approached the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) Executive regarding possible membership, it was announced at the 11th Meeting of the EAHM Executive Committee in the Elisabeth Hospital, Graz, Austria, in June, writes Sharon Morrow.

EAHM Executive Committee at its meeting in Graz
EAHM Executive Committee at its meeting in Graz.
Front row, Georgia Oikonomopoulou, Greece, Gerry O’Dwyer – President, Ireland, Sharon Morrow, Ireland
Second row,: Nikolaus Koller, Austria, Freddy Iemants, Belgium, Victor Heirdeiro, Portugal, , Mieczyslaw Pasowicz, Poland, Attila Molnar, Hungary, Heinz Kolking, Germany, Karl Kob, Italy, Willy Heuschen, Belgium and Marc Hastert, Luxembourg.

This is very positive and will further strengthen and enhance European links and collaboration.

EAHM Executive Committee
Some of the Slovenian Hospital managers, who met with EAHM President, Gerry O’Dwyer and members of the EAHM Executive Committee.

Attendees at the meeting were: Executive Members – Gerry O’Dwyer – President, Ireland, Karl Kob, Italy, Heinz Kolking, Germany, Mieczyslaw Pasowicz, Poland, Freddy Iemants, Belgium, Georgia Oikonomopoulou, Greece, Nikolaus Koller, Austria, Willy Heuschen, Belgium. Sharon Morrow, Ireland – replacing Lucy Nugent, and Victor Heirdeiro, Portugal – replacing Alexandre Lourenco, also attended.

The Executive Committee began the meeting by approving and welcoming the appointment of Marc Hastert, CEO Luxemburg Hospital Association, as Secretary General.
Victor Heirdeiro, Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers, gave a progress update on the Annual Congress in Cascais, Portugal from September 26 – 28. Victor reported that there was considerable early interest and advised that the member countries of the EAHM send reminders to their home members to ensure there were places available for those interested in attending the congress. http://www.eahm-cascais2018.com/

Graz, where the EAHM Executive Committee held its June meeting.

Updates were then received from each of the EAHM Sub-Committees: Scientific, European Affairs, Mental Health and Communication.
The feedback from the recent EAHM ICT conference hosted in Dublin has been very positive and members who attended commented that there was an excellent variety of speakers with many learnings from the experience of implementing technological change in healthcare organisations across Europe.
The meeting closed with an expression of gratitude to Nick Koller for organising and hosting the Executive Committee in Austria.

Graz, where the EAHM Executive Committee held its June meeting.


The Executive meeting was followed by a tour around the Saint Elisabeth Hospital (Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen) and attached convent. This general public hospital of the Order of Saint Elisabeth is under Christian-spirited management of the Order of St. Elizabeth in Klagenfurt, and has a tradition extending back over 300 years.

The following day, the Executive Committee made the short trip to Maribor, Slovenia to meet with local Slovenian Hospital Managers interested in joining the EAHM and on hearing more about the upcoming Congress in Portugal.