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New Equipment for Oncology Day Unit

New equipment which will enable many patients undergoing chemotherapy to keep most or all of their hair during treatment has arrived in Tallaght University Hospital thanks to the generosity of the Adelaide Health Foundation.

A hospital spokesperson said the Oncology Day Unit in the hospital had been in the fortunate position to offer patients this service since 2008 but with increasing demand there was a challenge in providing the service.

“The Paxman scalp cooler is a refrigeration system used to prevent hair loss caused by certain chemotherapy drugs. They system works by reducing the amount of chemotherapy drugs reaching hair follicles. The patient wears a soft silicone cap before, during and after chemotherapy on our day unit.

“It is a proven and effective way of combatting chemotherapy-induced hair loss. For many of our patients this means they can keep most or all of their hair during treatment.  This helps them to maintain their privacy and encourages a positive attitude towards their treatment.