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HSE Board Chair To Be Recruited

A recruitment campaign is underway to select a Chairperson for the new HSE Board.

Health Minister m SimonHarris said “It’s clear that the current HSE structure does not provide adequate governance, as I outlined to the Sláintecare committee, and as has been reflected in the report. A key response to this is the establishment of a Board for the HSE and the appointment of a Chairperson.

“I’m pleased that the recruitment campaign to select the Chairperson is now underway. The Chairperson will be responsible for leadership of the HSE Board and will play a key role in establishing the Board governance structures and ensuring their effective and cohesive operation. The new Chairperson will play a central role in relation to the direction, leadership and corporate and clinical governance of the HSE, during a period of complex change.

“The legislation to establish a Board for the HSE is being drafted as a priority and I intend to publish the Bill in July and bring it through the Oireachtas early in the Autumn/Winter session. It is my intention to establish the Board once the legislation has been passed.   The Board will be the governing body of the HSE and will be responsible for strengthening governance, oversight and performance of the HSE.

“It is my firm view that a Board governance structure, with strong competencies across key areas, will contribute to strengthening the oversight and performance of the HSE pending its further reorganisation. Under the new legislation the Board will be accountable to the Minister for the performance of its functions and it will be responsible for the appointment of a CEO. The CEO will be responsible to the Board and the Board will take responsibility for assessing the CEO’s performance.

“I firmly believe that the appointment of a strong Board, with a strong Chairperson, will help ensure robust governance of the HSE.”

Priority issues for the new Chairperson and Board will include:

  • Developing and implementing an effective performance management and accountability system in the HSE
  • Developing a plan for building public trust and confidence in the HSE and the wider health service
  • Ensuring the HSE’s full support for and implementation of the Government’s programme of health reform as will be set out in the Sláintecare Implementation Plan.

Details of how to apply for the position are available at www.stateboards.ie/stateboards/campaignAdvert/85475.htm