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Highest annual transplant numbers

There was a record number of organ donor and transplantations in Ireland in 2017, with a total of 308 organ transplants.

Health Minister, Simon Harris congratulated the transplant teams in Beaumont Hospital, St Vincent’s University Hospital and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin on their efforts during the year.

“Their excellent work led to a remarkable increase in the number of transplants from 280 in 2016 to 308 this year.”

Professor Jim Egan, Director of Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland said “Our message is simple, organ donation saves lives.  Thanks to the generosity of 98 families donating the organs of their loved ones, 308 people have received the gift of life through transplant surgery to date in 2017.  The excellent rates of organ donation and transplantation in 2017 reflect the generosity of Irish society.  Most importantly, I acknowledge the courage and generosity of families who have donated their loved one’s organs.”

The organ transplant figures for 2017 were as follows:
•    Beaumont Hospital – 190 kidney transplants
•    St Vincent’s university Hospital – 61 liver transplants and five pancreas transplants
•    Mater Misericordiae University Hospital – 36 lung transplants and 16 heart transplants

The Minister also announced a new high of 149 organ donations. This represents a significant increase on the previous record number of 127 in 2016.

He also acknowledged the commitment of the staff of the National Organ Procurement Service and the Intensive Care personnel across the country, with donor organs being made available through 20 different hospitals during the year.

“I would also like to particularly thank the 51 living kidney donors this year” said the Minister. “This is another record figure (exceeding the 50 in 2016) facilitated by the enthusiastic team in Beaumont Hospital. Making such personal sacrifice and giving the gift of life to another is a truly heroic deed. I hope all living donors and the beneficiaries of their kindness are doing well and looking forward to the year ahead”.

Minister Harris also paid tribute to the successful transfer of the Pancreatic Transplant Programme from Beaumont Hospital to St Vincent’s University Hospital with five pancreas transplants carried out during the year. This brings liver and pancreas transplantation together in one hospital.