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The Future of Mental Health Care

The Dáil has established a new Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care.

The intention is that the Joint Committee will aim to achieve cross-party agreement on the implementation of a single, long-term vision for mental health care and the direction of mental health policy in Ireland.

Announcing the establishment of the new Committee, the Minister for Mental Health and Older People, Mr Jim Daly TD, said, “At this time with our ten year policy ‘A Vision for Change’ being reviewed, it is very timely that our parliamentarians will have the opportunity to play their part in feeding into the future policy direction in this area.”

The Committee when up and running will decide its own business,  However, it is expected that members will examine issues such as the current integration of delivery of mental health services in Ireland, the availability, accessibility and alignment of such services and supports as well as the need to further develop prevention and early intervention services, particularly for young people.

The Minister added, “I am keen that the Committee should also have a say on the significant challenges we face in the recruitment and retention of skilled mental health professionals.  This is a problem to which there is no off the shelf solution so the Committee’s views on this will be very welcome.  I look forward to regularly engaging with the Committee in the coming months.”

The Joint Committee will make its final report to both Houses of the Oireachtas by October 31, 2018.