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Minister to establish HSE Board

Heath Minister, Mr. Simon Harris says he intends to move ahead with the establishment of a HSE Board and will publish the necessary legislation this year.

Simon Harris T.D.
Simon Harris T.D.

This follows the report of the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare, which concluded that the country’s health structures were in need of change.

The Minister said: “While I don’t for one minute believe that structural change will be the panacea for improvement in our health services, I do firmly believe that our current structure is not best serving patients, or indeed staff within our health services.

“I welcome the fundamentals set out by the Committee that should underpin structural reorganisation, including the establishment of a HSE Board, and the reconfiguration of the HSE to involve a leaner national agency retaining national level functions complemented by more devolved, responsive and integrated entities at regional level.”