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Innovations based on e-solutions

Estonia, National Coordinator, Mrs. Hedy Eeriksoo.

The presenters were Antje Kreisel, NL, Dr. Dolores Marin-Morales, ES and Dr. Daniela Lobin, GER.

Their innovations were based on e-solutions, which facilitated transparency, efficiency and patients’ health.

Patients’ processes such as their personal data, diagnostics and medical reports were managed, through e-prescription, e-referral and e-consultancy. E-solutions also supported management processes such as managing beds and managing goal oriented treatment.

The e-solutions created transparency with easy access 24/7 to the data for the patient and all stakeholders involved in treatment. This led to efficiency and made it easier to direct patients quickly to the right treatment at the earliest time.

E-consultancy made it possible for a family physician to have a digital appointment with an expert in a hospital, put a patient’s diagnostics on line and receive advice if the treatment being planned was correct or if the patient should be referred to hospital. Using this system, they had discovered that 70% of patients could remain with their family physician which made it possible for the others to be treated earlier in hospital and reduce waiting times.

Beds were allocated to different disease groups such as acute and chronic diseases to try and get patients who required hospitalisation in earlier.

There was a shortage of consultant radiologists in Estonia, so in small hospitals they put images on line and consultants in other hospitals analysed them.

They were also impressed by a neonatal unit which had a bedroom for the mother and buses which in large hospitals would take hospitals from department to department.

They said their impressions about Estonia were efficiency, success, transparency, organisation, nature, initiative and attention.