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Chair of Oversight Group

Mr Hugh Kane has been appointed Chair of the Oversight Group to oversee the next stages of the review of A Vision for Change.

A Vision for Change came to the end of its 10-year term in 2016 and preparations for a review and updating of policy have been underway since early last year.

In September 2016, an external evidence and expert review was commissioned from WRC Consultants as the first step in determining the parameters of a revision of A Vision for Change. This review was completed last February and provides evidence to determine the policy direction for a revision of A Vision for Change, both in terms of international best practice and the experience of implementing A Vision for Change.

The report covers the following main topics:

  • Mental Health Situation, Policy and Services in Ireland today.
  • Prioritising Mental Health as a major Societal Issue.
  • Primary Prevention and Positive Mental Health.
  • Recovery, Social Inclusion and Living Well with Mental Illness.
  • Mental Healthcare Provision.
  • Mental Health System Governance and Financing.

The Group will oversee the development of a new policy for mental health based on the outcome of the Expert Review.

Mr Kane has over 40 years’ experience working in personal social services including the HSE and the Mental Health Commission, and most recently held the post of Director of Operations at the social enterprise organisation Genio. He also contributed to the development of Connecting for Life, the national strategy to reduce suicide in Ireland 2015-2020, as a member of the Strategic Planning Oversight Group. Further members of the Oversight Group will be appointed over the coming weeks. The policy review process will also involve consultation with key stakeholders.