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What can we expect from reference pricing?

Tom Hayes looks at the potential pros and cons of reference pricing for drugs.

Equipping managers to handle a wide of range of challenges

In the absence of an integrated process for development and succession planning, many managers are put in situ with little, if any, development, writes Keith McCarthy.

New Cancer Control Chief

Dr Susan O’Reilly who has been appointed as the new Director of the HSE National Cancer Control Programme.

HMI Council elects new President and Vice President

Mr. Richard Dooley, has been elected President of the HMI in succession to Mr. Denis Doherty and Mr. Derek Greene has been elected Vice –President.

The criteria for success of the new ISAs

HSE Chiefs revealed that a Band 1 hospital (a HSE Regional Hospitals or a Voluntary Teaching Hospital) would not be needed at the core of every new Integrated Services Area (ISA), when they replied to questions from a packed audience at the HMI Forum, writes Maureen Browne.

HMI welcomes appointment of new HSE CEO

HMI President, Richard Dooley has welcomed the appointment of Cathal Magee as the new CEO of the HSE.

We need to define what constitutes an appropriate health service

It is a privilege for me to pen my first message as President of the Institute to this issue of Health Manager.

Licensing legislation proposals for government this year

Proposals for licensing legislation are to be submitted to the Government by the end of 2010, and there is a need for collaborative working to ensure strong effective governance and safe effective care, the Healthcare Risk Managers’ Forum was told.

HRMF Retirement presentation to Maria McInerney

The June Healthcare Risk Managers’ Forum (HRMF) Educational and Networking Meeting made a presentation to Ms. Maria McInerney, who was a founding member and the second chairperson of the organisation.

How the ISAs will work

The new HSE Integrated Care model will deliver services across Integrated Care Areas (ISAs), where one person will be responsible for all hospital and community services, Damien McCallion told the HMI Forum.

Beware of age discrimination

Conor Hannaway looks at some of the practical issues facing managers who wish to manage older employees in a more positive way and to avoid the legal issues that arise from a claim of age discrimination.

Leaders should follow their “True North”

Bill George is one of the outstanding US CEOs of his generation, having led Medtronic to market dominance in its field.

Look out for Michael Douglas and the Dalai Lama

Justin O’Toole finds an island where you can have a great family holiday and still find the kind of adventure that would make even Michael Schumacher nervous.

How we vaccinated over one million people

The mass vaccination programme against the H1N1 virus possibly represented the biggest logistical exercise ever undertaken in such a short time, write Drs. Pat Doorley, and Kevin Kelleher.

The world’s largest referral programme

Laoise O’Murchu examines the implications of the new social media for health service managers.

The key issues to be addressed in HSE reconfiguration

While there is agreement on how major acute work should be carried out we now need to examine how and where the rest of patient care and treatment should be delivered, Brian Gilroy told the HMI Forum.

How we should be managing the HSE

If you can get people excited about selling Heinz beans, you can get them excited about delivering health care.

HMI President launches APEX Tracker, its new Performance Management System

The new APEX Tracker which has been developed specifically for use in the Irish health services can be used as an everyday tool to plan, monitor and control a myriad of performance goals across the organisation as it focuses on the dynamics of performance as well as data collection.

Cork Reconfiguration

A team of advanced paramedics has joined the HSE South Ambulance Service in West Cork and are now responding to emergency calls in the region.

How managers can increase their personal effectiveness

Keith McCarthy gives you tips and tools on how to manage your time and increase your personal effectiveness.

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